Larry Suttle

Associate Minister

Larry has served the Tenth and Broad Church since 1980 in several roles — MSU Bible Chair Director, Preaching Minister (for 27 years), and most recently as Associate Minister. Larry is married to Nicki, and they have two married children and enjoy their four beautiful grandchildren.

 Fun Facts

Favorite Restaurant: McBride’s Steakhouse
Favorite Hobby: Genealogy
Favorite Vacation Spot: Pagosa Springs, CO
Hidden Talent: Mangling words of country songs, especially classic country.
Meaningful Scripture: “Romans 16. One no one expects, but one that validates the entire New Testament to me. I almost tear up to read it. It is so real! We will meet those people one day!”
What do you love about Tenth and Broad?
“I love the accepting nature of T&B. We love on people until they heal!”