Dear Church Family,
In light of the coronavirus your leaders have decided to suspend our church gatherings through April 4, 2020. Our decision is in direct response to our government’s plan to slow the spread of the virus by limiting social gathering to no more than ten people. We want to be good citizens as Romans 13 instructs us to be.
Let me be clear that we are not canceling church. Church can’t be canceled because we are the church. We are simply suspending our church gatherings. Instead of attendance we are emphasizing engagement. During this time you cannot attend a church meeting, but you can continue to engage as the church.
Here are the ways we encourage you to engage in the next few weeks.
We will provide a pre-recorded time of worship that you can watch and engage with on Sundays. This time of worship will include a few songs, moments of prayer, a message from God’s word, and a time of communion. Later this week we will send you a link you can use Sunday morning. This will be provided through multiple platforms such as our website, Vimeo, YouTube, FaceBook, etc… be looking for that link via email, text and the website.
We encourage you to watch with your small group, a few friends or family members in groups of ten or less. The link will be available at any time that day so you can choose to watch at any time.
Pre-packaged communion packets are available in the atrium at the church building. Please drop by and pick up enough for the next few weeks. You can come by during office hours or come by at any time using the code to enter the building. If you cannot come and pick up the communion packets, please contact the office and we’ll bring them to you.
LIFE Groups
Again, we encourage you to engage with your group in groups less than ten people. A discussion guide connected with the sermon will be provided on our website. It will be good to be together and pray and encourage each other.
Bible Study
As we will not be meeting for Bible classes on Sundays or Wednesdays, we encourage you to engage in Bible study throughout the week. One way you can do that is through RightNow Media. You have free access to this great resource”
“through our website. Follow this link, media-video-library, to the Right Now Media page on our website. You can log in if you already have an account or sign up to create an account.
Children and Youth
Greg and Shane want to keep our children and youth engaged as well, so they are working on some online resources and recorded devotional messages that they will send out to families.
Another way to engage as the church is to serve others. The church has risen to the occasion over and over throughout history in times like these. This is your opportunity to rise to the occasion. Call or FaceTime a few of our members who are alone and can’t get out or who are in a nursing home. Check on your neighbors. Go to the grocery store and drug store for those who are at higher risk and don’t need to be get out. Start a Discovery Bible Study with someone. Be ready to have a spiritual conversation and share the reason for your hope.
The opportunities to serve are numerous. Pray and ask God to open doors to service during this time.
We understand that this virus will cause an economic impact on our country and possibly on you personally. But we encourage you to continue to give as you have been prospered. Our philosophy as a congregation is that we are conduits for your contributions, we are not accumulators of your contributions. What I mean by that is that we do not keep large amounts of money in our bank account. The money you give each month is used each month. We do have small amounts set aside but our church’s ministries are dependent on your regular giving.
This is a great time to set up online giving. Follow this link to our website,, where there is a tutorial on how to set up online giving. You can also mail your check or drop it off at the building.
The elders and ministers want to stay engaged with you during the next few weeks. So you can expect a phone call each week from one of us. We just want to stay connected, check on your well being, see if you have any needs and pray with you. If you do not receive this call in the next week please call the church office and let us know so we can find out why.”
“There’s an old song that says, “God be with you till we meet again.” I will miss seeing you over the next few weeks. But you’ll be in my prayers and I look forward to the next time we will be together.
I love you and God bless you,